Veggie of the week: English Cucumber

English cucumber

– Cucumbers are a vine vegetable that originated in Southeast Asia, but are now grown on most continents.
– Cucumbers have been cultivated for over 3000 years!
– There are three varieties of cucumbers: slicing (the average cucumber), pickling (cucumbers that we make into pickles), Armenian (long and skinny cucumbers), and burpless (cucumbers with a thinner skin and smaller seeds).
– Burpless cucumbers are named as such because the seeds and skin of other cucumbers are said to give some people gas!
– There are many varieties of burpless cucumbers including Lebanese, East Asian, Persian (found in USA and Canada), Beit Alpha (Middle East), Apple (New Zealand), Schälgurken (Germany), Dosakai (India), and Kekiri (Sri Lanka).
– Cucumbers generally have a mild, watery taste that some compare to melons.
– Cucumbers are poisonous to livestock, so be careful!

Stay tuned for more information and recipes!


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