Supper Club 2015

What: The Supper Club is a recently founded club at George Brown College open to Deaf Upgrading, Academic Upgrading, ESL, AWCCA, Pre- Health, Pre-Community, Pre-Business, Pre-Hospitality, College Vocational, ACET and TEP students. The club is held one Thursday per month from 6-9pm throughout the academic year (Sept. – April). The purpose of Supper Club is to cook and share a meal together. The first Supper Club took place on Thursday January 29, 2015.

When: One Thursday per month from 6-9pm (Sept. – April)

Where: 250E, 2nd floor kitchen

Who: 10 students from the above programmes.


  • Using the leftovers from the Good Food Market and some food stock (rice, pasta, floor, cooking oil, spices, etc…), we will cook one vegetarian meal together every month.
  • Students will collectively develop, prepare, eat and clean-up one meal.
  • Cost: Good Food Market fruit/veggies (at cost), food stock, faculty


Inspired by:

In the fall of 2012 ten Selkirk College embarked on a pilot program on healthy eating and living. With funding provided by a provincial organization called Healthy Minds/ Healthy Campuses we cooked, ate together and explored what it means to stay well while being a college student.

Located in Nelson, British Columbia, the Tenth Street Food Club was created to connect students with healthy eating habits and great food! College is a transitional time and diet is often overshadowed by school work, projects and exams, extra curricular activities and more! Our goal here is to exchange recipes and tips for healthy living with Selkirk College students, right in their own home at the Tenth Street Residence. A year later a Dinner Club started on Castlegar campus as well where Joleen Kinakin is helping students learn about cooking and budgeting.

And then, in Januray 2014 we started Dinner Basket Conversations where groups can cook and eat a meal together and have a facilitated discussion that explores experiences and values around substance use.


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